We create bespoke/tailored web application serving a wide range of business solutions , from customer facing eCommerce websites to business management applications that improve your company's effectiveness in today's integrated and always-connected world.

we are experts in planning, developing and designing a wide range of applications that will enhance your business operations and integrating with third party and internal systems and developing for multiple devices.

Custom Development

Business Intelligence Software - Dashboards - Business Efficiency - Optimization


We understand that often off-the-shelf software just does not fill the needs of an enterprise-level company. We create a state-of-the-art multiplatform website or application for your organisation. This can be software, products or a fully customised system.

Custom applications are built for use in those projects that are unique, innovative or where full control of IP is required.

Systems Integration

Systems, Data, Process, API, ERP,CRM Integration


Software Integration takes the manual processes out of your equation and simplifies everything about your business objectives. Integration comes in many forms, and it just depends on your specific needs.

For most companies, software integration is a vital piece of technology that brings critical business processes full-circle. Successful software integration projects enable companies to deliver even more value to their customers, shareholders and creates a more productive and efficient workplace.

Whether you are looking for custom API’s, microAPI’s or just looking for someone to guide you through connecting your cloud based systems, we have the experience to turn your ideas into a reality.

Things to consider when integrating systems

Break down data silos, improve data integrity, and eliminate dual entry.


Most integration projects turn out to be much longer and expensive than planned for exactly this reason. Teams get fixated on the technical side of the issues and neglect the coordination and executive support necessary to execute integration projects successfully.

Performance (Speed, Connection and Caching considerations) - Calls across systems (sometimes networks) are more expensive to serialize, transport and process and need to planned carefully.

  • Latency: The time an operation takes to execute from start to end. Particularly concerning if the consumer is a synchronous application for example a web application where the client is waiting for a reply. You can analogize this to the length of a pipe.
  • Throughout: The average number of transactions the system can process. Each might have a low or high latency but the overall capacity has to do with the overall size of the pipe. In most asynchronous scenarios (where there are no users waiting for the transaction to complete) this is more relevant.
  • Caching: What happens to the user experience if your CRM or ERP is unavailable or the connection is limited – does it also mean the applications using it are also unavailable? Using appropriate data caching can reduce the impact on the user experience

Security – Increasing security levels by:

  • Restricting access to specific IP addresses
  • Make use of central communication layers
  • Granular Authentication: minimising permissions of the authenticated role

Master Data, Source of Truth - Existing master data strategies must be taken into account. This means the stored data should be located in one system and referenced in the other. Storing Identical data on Multiple systems is fraught with perils, Including mismatches & duplicate records. Decide which system should be consider the "Search of truth" for a given data set and stick to it

Centralized Audit and Logging -  One of the biggest challenges in integrated environments is the lack of end to end visibility of data as it passes through applications. When designing make sure all systems are providing visibility of key input/output data. Ideally this should be presented in a common logging format that can then be consolidated to paint a consistent picture.

Mobile App Development

Your Data, Where & When You Want It


Delivering cutting edge mobile applications.

Whether you're looking for a simple checklist tool or an intricate addition to your CRM, we've got you covered. Through our mobile application development, we give you efficient, flexible, and reliable access to your data wherever you are. We'll empower you to create effective experiences that streamline complex workflows.

  • Responsive website: Using web design and development to craft the application for multiple widths which adjust for mobiles and tablets
  • Mobile application: Apps for iOS (iPhones / iPods / iPads) and Android (phones / tablets)
  • Custom mobile website: Applications built solely for mobile users accessible through the web browser

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