Enterprise Document Management System

Quickly, Easily and Securely

Our Document Management System delivers a unified approach to Enterprise Information Management by linking data and business processes in a highly intuitive manner

Which enables your organization to capture, organise, process, streamline and manage information more efficiently. This reduces costs, improves service levels and decreases project and customer response time, while providing an excellent return on investment. The browser based application is complemented by a number of modules that add value in key application areas.

  • Captures information from almost any source
  • Connects people and information in the context of business processes
  • Automates processes across the organization
  • Reduce document review and approval times
  • Manages content in any format across its lifecycle


Simplify work by making content easily accessible and searchable

Document Management

  • Store and manage files in virtually any format. Seamlessly link to files on the corporate network or store them securely in the DMS database repository.


  • Link to Internet/Intranet web pages such as supplier sites, specification data sheets, or industry references.

Folder Synch

  • Keep folders in DMS and Explorer in automatic synch. As soon as a file is added in Explorer, it is automatically added to the system.

Mobile Devices

  • Access the application from mobile phones and tablets.

PDF Publishing

  • Publish documents to PDF with a watermark and signoff history upon approval.

Lab Instruments/Plant Floor Systems

  • Store data from lab instruments and real-time devices.

Secure Document Storage

  • Documents are stored in a central repository in a hierarchal manner, creating a knowledge base for the organization. Only authorized users can read or modify a document.

Version Control

  • All users have access to the latest version of a document with “one version of the truth”. A complete history of all versions with version details is maintained.

Forms & Data Management

  • Automatically convert PDF Forms into electronic forms to enter, approve and manage data. Define validation rules for data entry, meta-data attributes and retrieve values from other applications.

Workflow Designer

  • Create your own workflows in minutes using a drag and drop workflow designer. Apply different workflow templates based on document type or department.


  •  Unleash the collective knowledge in the enterprise and make it available to all using collaboration tools. Discussion Groups,  Notes, Notifications


  • Find documents easily based on file name, attributes, meta-data or document contents.
  •  Full Text Search: Perform a full text search of all objects in the database using keywords and phrases.

Standardization – The Basis For Quality

  • Standardization tools allow creation of templates for a project, process, or system to improve quality, reduce the learning curve and promote standardization across the enterprise.

Accelerate Review and Approvals

  • Perform electronic routing of documents for faster approvals. Track status and notify task owners to ensure timely reviews. Review tools such as file compare, annotations,search and audit trail reduce time and effort required for review.

Change Management

  • Associations: Link associated documents and data (e.g. specifications and validation documents) to instantly view the impact of changes on other related documents.
  • Change Logs: Create configurable change logs to store any relevant data for documents.

21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

  • Audit Trail: Track all file and user activity.
  • Security: Control access to documents and the application based on roles and privileges. Implement Password Aging and Password Lockout policies.
  •  Electronic Signatures: Replace paper signatures with electronic signatures

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