How to Motivate Your Team for Better Customer Service

News of bad customer service reaches more than twice as many ears as praise for good service. With word of mouth spreading like wildfire over social media, your reputation is in customers’ hands.
So how do you ensure customers get the star treatment when they contact support?
Customer service is an essential part of business, not a back-up plan. Everyone on your team, no matter what their role, can benefit from developing their customer skills. You'll get more satisfied customers, fewer complaints, and happier, more productive employees.
We believe it’s vitally important to come up with a set of core values that define your business. Ask yourself, will you live by your core values in both good times and bad? If the answer is yes, then that’s a strong start to building and maintaining a culture that you and your employees actually want to work in.
Set realistic & clear goals
As per research, more than 60% employees stated that they wasted time in doing work which was of less priority as they were unaware of what work was of more priority. A team leader should set realistic & smart goals to fulfill company’s objectives. Goals should be designed or planned in such a way that every employee feels motivated and encouraged to hit the target.
Research states that setting a challenging goal leads to productivity and high performance than no goals. To achieve goals there must be alignment between the team and the organization. Everyone should be working with the motive to achieve the goals and to achieve company’s objectives. Below are few things that should be kept in mind while setting goals:
  • Goals should be clear, specific, relevant enough to be useful and not too vague
  • Measure results
  • Goals should be set in a realistic time frame in which they can be completed
  • Make sure goals are relevant to achieve more profits.
Once you start working to achieve the desired target, take feedbacks and measure results at regular interval of time. This will help an organization to achieve success. As per customer satisfaction survey, Customer satisfaction got increased by 35% by the end of financial year.
Employee Satisfaction Leads to Customer Satisfaction
Our team members are hired with the expectation that they will work in the best interest of our customers. Everyone is given the tools and authority to make decisions.
To start improving customer service, first try to improve your employees' experience. What do your team members want? Are they happy, challenged, and engaged? Research shows us that engaged employees are the key to successful businesses, in almost every area.
when it comes to customer service, all interactions are person-to-person interactions. A team member who is passionate about the business, interested in its growth, proactive, and self-motivated is going to share that energy, expertise, and professionalism with each customer. And customers will respond positively.
Providing Your Team the Right Tools
You can’t expect your team to work efficiently, with their chin up if you do not provide them with the right tools. Your team will only be able to serve your customers better if they have the modern systems and technologies at their disposal. Inadequate or inefficient resources will demotivate even the best.
Your customer support executives can provide top-notch support with tools like Customer Relationship Management, where your team can easily manage customer data, information, and the interaction process. Tools like CRM allow companies to provide a competent support system, which in turn helps your team to offer better service. All of it increases their urge to help and also gives them job satisfaction.
Create a Reward System. Appreciate Good Work and Encourage People
Recognition is quite a vital need for any person, as positive motivation comes automatically from it. If you do not pat the back of your team when they do well, then you miss an excellent chance to motivate your team further. Feedback is vital, as employees know that if they do something wrong they will get a reprimand. Thus, the top level management has to make sure that good work also gets some due credit. Good and positive feedback is vital for enhancing the morale of your team.
Also, if you feel your team is a bit demotivated about something, then some encouragement can quickly pump them up again. Proper and regular encouragement is quite vital, as your employees can quickly lose the plot if you do not guide them with positivity.
Research shows that Customer support team become more confident, there will be a good understanding between manager and employees and ultimately their relationship will get improve and as a result they will enjoy their workplace, will get inspire to do a great work and will be able to give best customer service to your customers when their efforts and results are recognized.
As you strive to implement or improve your customer service tactics, consider following these steps. Not only can they help you to enhance your customer satisfaction rating, but they may also lead to a more efficient and productive support team that will ultimately lead to more customers.


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