Watering the Seeds of Your Digital Marketing Plan

Helping your digital marketing to grow is a lengthy and proactive process. Make sure you budget a whole lot of time for this in your first few years as a business owner. Here is our guide to watering the seeds of your digital marketing plan and helping your business to grow.
 Instant Results
Instant results don't exist. You need to be there to care for your marketing plan and change it as it needs to. As a seed pops out into a seedling in its potting compost, it finds no nutrients there. The gardener has to fill a new pot with growing compost before the plant can start to grow. Repotting your marketing should be a monthly job. Check what is working and what isn't and alter your strategy to suit.
 Rooting Your Business
The little sprout grows its roots into the soil early on. This means it won't get eaten up by some eager bird or blown over by the winds of change. In the same way, your marketing plan needs firm roots. This is what we call 'branding'. A good business is recognisable from it's colours, pictures and style. It has an identity of its own. Ensure you have a great brand identity, a brilliant, eye-catching logo is imperative to this end. There are many tools to help you grow those roots, find out more here.
 Be the Sunshine
Nothing grows without sunlight. Even humans need it. Be the sunshine of your business by continually portraying positivity and gratefulness. When you work with people, tell them how well they are doing. When you interact with customers, share the love. When you make sales, send a thank you on your invoice. If you can make people smile when they see your business and feel good, you have cracked it.
Get a Sprinkler
If you want to go big, then hire out services that take up your time. There is no point standing over one little plant with one plastic watering can if you have the budget to go further and get an automated sprinkler to keep your adverts, socials and content in check.
Hire professionals from online sites to take the pressure off yourself and get the work done to a high standard. Choose people with great reviews on trusted sites like UpWork, Fiverr and Worksome.
Feed Your Marketing Plan
Have a steady budget and increase it when you can. Don't get complacent and let your marketing plan wither when you know that a little extra money invested in it could make it flourish.
Tend to Your Business
Ensure that everything is doing the best it possibly can be by meeting monthly targets and re-evaluating your ideas often. Set goals and try to outstretch them whenever possible. Cut away anything that isn't working and remove uninteresting or irrelevant debris from your website and socials.
Enjoy What you have Created
Take time to relax and observe what you have done. Write it down and look at how far you have come. Celebrate small victories and it will help you to hop right over any puddles you might otherwise have got soaked in. Share your celebrations too, tell your customers of your successes and thank them for all they do for you. Send bonuses to people who work for you when you achieve something extraordinary and add thank you notes to any packages you send out.
This will heap up the positivity that people have for your business and will mean they are much more likely to share your adverts and products with their friends and family.
Remember that you are in control of your own future. Nurturing your business and taking the time to help it grow is more likely to leave you with a tall and sturdy company than if you leave it to fend for itself. It takes work but will be 100% worth it in the future if you work hard and persevere at helping your business reach for the skies.


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